Other options after asylum rejection

Last updated: 5/22/2023, 11:46 AM
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If the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) rejects your application for asylum, the Dutch government requires you to return to your country of origin. The government will ask you to leave the asylum seekers' centre. You may end up on the street, although this is not the case in all situations. For example, families with children are always given a place in a reception centre. Ask your supervisor at VluchtelingenWerk (VWN) about your situation regarding a reception centre. If you are unwilling to cooperate in returning to your country of origin, there are 2 other options:

1. Living here illegally

Living here illegally is tough. You cannot work legally and it is difficult to find a place to live. If you live on the street, you can go to the Salvation Armyundefineds night reception centre, for example, but sometimes the reception centre is full.

You always run the risk of being stopped by the police, arrested and put in jail. Then you may still be deported from the country. Many undocumented migrants are abused. People can force you to participate in criminal activities, which only increases your problems.

Please note: as an undocumented person, you do have a right to medically necessary care in the Netherlands.

You can find more information for people without a residence permit in the Netherlands here: www.basicrights.nl.

2. Residence in a country other than the Netherlands

After being rejected by the Dutch government, you can think about whether you could settle in another country. Whether this is possible depends on your specific situation. You must have the right of residence in the destination country. VluchtelingenWerk Nederland can ask your lawyer or the embassy of the country in question about your options.

Forced return

If your asylum application has been rejected, the government agency the Repatriation and Departure Service (DTundefinedV) will contact you about departure to your country of origin. This does not mean that you must leave the Netherlands immediately.

If your lawyer has appealed the Immigration and Naturalisation Serviceundefineds (IND) ruling, you may often wait in the Netherlands for the courtundefineds decision. Check with your supervisor at VluchtelingenWerk Nederland about your reception centre situation.

Please note: if you do not choose to return independently, but are forcibly removed, you will not receive support from the Dutch government. VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN) has no influence on this.

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