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Welcome to the Netherlands. On this page, you will find information about the topics that are most frequently asked about on RefugeeHelp. This page will be updated monthly with the most relevant topics.

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Last updated: Tuesday, December 20, 2022

On this page you will find different possibilities to learn English in the Netherlands.

English lessons by Education First

Education First (EF) provides free English courses to refugees from Ukraine. These can be accessed via the app English live - Help Ukraine (available for iOS and Android). The app offers a free 12-month course of English lessons led by certified teachers. The app allows students from Ukraine to study anywhere, anytime, even without access to the internet, using the offline mode.

English for Ukrainians

On the website English for Ukrainians, you can improve your English through Zoom lessons, courses and workshops. You can choose whether you want one-on-one or group coaching. There are free courses via Zoom for refugees who are part of the Facebook group. You have to pay for the one-on-one lessons but you do get a discount.

Learn English with an App

The following apps are useful for learning a different language quickly and easily:

  • Duolingo: On Duolingo you have free short, ready-made lessons and can earn points and unlock new levels.

  • Busuu: With this app you can learn a new language through a free learning app or paid private lessons. For refugees from Ukraine, the premium version is free for the first 3 months.

Both sites are available as an app for Android and iOS. Download Duolingo here for iOS and Android and download Busuu here for iOS and Android.

English lessons by Sunflowers Speak

Do you not speak English yet and do you want to learn it? As a refugee from Ukraine, you can go to Sunflowers Speak. This is useful, because they speak a lot of English in the Netherlands. On the Facebook page and in the Telegram group of Sunflowers Speak you will find dates of online and offline events and English classes. Volunteers, such as English teachers and native speakers, provide the lessons. At Sunflowers Speak, they speak Ukrainian and English, but you can also speak Russian.

Want to know more about Sunflowers Speak? Join the Facebook group or the Telegram group.

English courses by JobTalk