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Welcome to the Netherlands. On this page, you will find information about the topics that are most frequently asked about on RefugeeHelp. This page will be updated monthly with the most relevant topics.

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Last updated: Thursday, August 18, 2022

As of 1 July 2022, refugees from Ukraine with a BSN will be covered by the Medical Care for Displaced Persons Regulation (RMO). On this page, you will find all the important information about the RMO.

What is the RMO?

The RMO (page only in Dutch) is a regulation that makes it possible to claim care provided to refugees from Ukraine. The RMO applies from 1 July onwards to working and non-working refugees from Ukraine who are registered in the BRP and therefore have a BSN. This means that refugees from Ukraine no longer need to take out their own health insurance and are automatically covered by the RMO. For the RMO you do not pay a health care premium and you do not receive a health care benefit.

Do you want more information about the RMO? The government has produced a fact sheet containing all the important information about the RMO. The fact sheet is written in Dutch, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

What care is covered by the RMO?

The RMO covers all care from the Basispakket (basic coverage plan) (page only in Dutch), but also has several additions. Additional reimbursement is still available:

  • Oral care in case of acute pain up to 250 euros;

  • Glasses and hearing aids (with permission);

  • Specific medicines;

  • Contraception;

  • Abortion care.

Please note: did you receive abortion care between 1 March and 1 July? Then your care provider can still claim these costs via the RMO, from 1 august onwards.

The RMO abroad

If you travel abroad, get permission from the RMO. This is important if you incur unexpected healthcare costs. Care abroad is in most cases not reimbursed by the RMO. Unless you have received permission, or if it is urgent care.

If you are going abroad, please send an e-mail to machtigingen@rmoekraine.nl. It does not matter for the amount of the reimbursement whether the care was provided in the Netherlands or abroad.

Health care benefit

Healthcare benefits are a contribution to the costs of your healthcare insurance. Refugees from Ukraine who take out a health insurance policy may be eligible for this. Besides taking out a health insurance policy you have to meet the other regular conditions and the amount of your income and your own assets and those of your 'allowance partner', for example if you are married, are taken into account. Do you want to know whether you are entitled to healthcare benefits? Then go to the website of the Belastingdienst. Want to apply for a benefit? Go to the website of the Belastingdienst.

Basic Insurance

On the website of the Government below, you can find information about the 'basic coverage plan', which care is covered by the plan and what is and is not reimbursed. The information on the website is only available in Dutch.

I have a job. Do I have to get insurance?

The rule is that you have to have health insurance when you work in the Netherlands. We call this the obligation to have insurance. Although this obligation to have health insurance will remain, it will no longer be enforced in the case of refugees from Ukraine. As of 1 August 2022, refugees from Ukraine will no longer need to have health insurance when they work. Your health care costs will then be reimbursed by the RMO. Did you receive a warning letter from the CAK, stating that you have to take out a health insurance within 3 months? Then contact the CAK.

I am already insured. What do I do now?

Did you take out health insurance before 1 July? That is not a problem. At the end of July, you will receive a letter from your health insurer with all important information about the RMO. Your healthcare insurance and your healthcare benefit will be terminated automatically. The RMO does not entitle you to healthcare benefit. At the end of July, you will still receive healthcare benefit for the month of August. You do not have to pay this back. Would you like to keep your current insurance instead of the RMO? That is possible, but in many cases financially less attractive. The care in the RMO is more extensive than the basic package and is free. In addition, the RMO does not include a policy excess (‘eigen risico’ in Dutch) within the basic package. Do you still want to keep your own health insurance? Please inform your health insurer of this.

I do not have a BSN. Will my care costs be reimbursed?

Refugees from Ukraine always receive medically necessary care from the basispakket (basic coverage plan). If you do not have a passport or BSN, then you do not fall under the RMO. Your healthcare costs will then be reimbursed via the CAK. You do not have to do anything for this and you do not pay any health care premium or excess.

I incurred healthcare costs before 1 July. Will this be reimbursed by the RMO?

Care costs incurred before 1 July will not be reimbursed by the RMO, with the exception of abortion care provided between 1 March and 1 July 2022. If you did not have health insurance at the time the care was provided, the care provided will be reimbursed under the old system: the subsidy arrangement for urgent medical care for the uninsured. If you did have healthcare insurance, the reimbursement will be arranged via your healthcare insurer. Please note that you may have to pay an excess in this case. For more information, please contact your healthcare insurer.