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Welcome to the Netherlands. On this page, you will find information about the topics that are most frequently asked about on RefugeeHelp. This page will be updated monthly with the most relevant topics.

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Last updated: Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Below you can find information on how to open a payment account if you are a Ukrainian without a valid ID or if you have different nationality. There are several ways to open a payment account in these cases.

Payment account for Ukrainians without a valid ID

There are some possibilities for Ukrainians to open a checking account without a valid ID (passport/ID). There are three possible solutions at the moment:

Bunq: If your passport is expired or written in Cyrillic, you can open a bank account at Bunq. To do this, you will need a certificates of identity and nationality. You can request this certificate from the Ukrainian Embassy in The Hague.

After that, you need to make an appointment with a Bunq bank employee to have the certificate verified. To do so, please send an email to embassycertificates@bunq.com. Attention: there is a long waiting list. It can take weeks before you are invited by Bunq for an appointment.

You can only open a bank account after you have had an appointment with a Bunq employee. Do you experience any trouble opening the account? You can contact the support department in the Bunq app or send an email to support@bunq.com

Please visit the website of Bunq for further information on this subject.

Bitsafe: At Bitsafe, you can open a bank account with a valid Ukrainian driver's license instead of a passport. For further requirements, check the website of Bitsafe.

Please note: Bitsafe works differently from a traditional bank and is more expensive to use. Next to paying money for your account, cash withdrawals also cost money.

Openbank: At Openbank you can open a bank account with a still valid Cyrillic passport. This bank provides a Spanish IBAN instead of a Dutch one. For more information, please visit the website of Openbank.

Payment account for refugees with a different nationality

If you have fled from Ukraine but do not have the Ukrainian nationality, you might not have been able to open a payment account until now. There is the following possible solution for this:

  • You can open a bank account at Rabobank with a valid or expired passport from another country and a Ukrainian residence permit that was valid on 24 February 2022. For further requirements please visit the Rabobank website.

Furthermore, the Dutch government is working on a proof of residence for refugees from Ukrainian without recognised and valid identity documents. This will be in the form of a pass. It is expected that in time they will be able to open a payment account with almost all Dutch payment service providers.