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Do you have questions about (finding) shelter or permanent housing? On this page, you will find information on what to do if you are looking for a place to live in the Netherlands.

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Last updated: Monday, October 24, 2022

You may wish to leave your host family or municipal shelter for various reasons. This page shows the possibilities and the steps you need to take.

I do not feel safe at my host family

Are you in immediate danger? Call 112.

If you do not feel safe with your host family, you can contact a support organization. At the page Safety you can find which aid organization can offer suitable help. Aid organizations offer assistance, information, mediation and more. Not sure which organization can provide you with the best help? Please call the helpline of Veilig Thuis at (0800) 20 00.

You can always register for municipal shelter if you no longer want to live with your host family. For more information, visit the Municipal shelter page.

I want to leave my municipal shelter

Want to change shelter locations or leave your shelter? That is possible. Please contact your municipality to discuss your options.

Are you moving to another municipality? Register with the new municipality. The municipality will update your details in the Basisregistratie Personen (BRP). You also have to inform the municipality if you change your address within the municipality where you already reside.

Don't you have an address of your own where you can register? Then the municipality will arrange a postal address for you. For more information, visit the page Registering without a residential address.

Are you moving from a host family to a municipal shelter? This means you are no longer entitled to the extra allowance on top of your living allowance. In this case, too, you must notify the municipality of a change of address. Your right to living allowance will be terminated altogether if you leave the municipal shelter without notifying the municipality. See the Manual GOO from the National Government for more information.

I want to leave my host household

Don't want to live with your current host family anymore? No problem. It is possible to look for a new host family, or apply for municipal shelter. Discuss the possibilities for this with the municipality in which you reside.

Would you like to live with a different host family? Then please contact RefugeeHomeNL. This initiative helps you find a host family in your area. You can find more information on the page Staying with a host family and on the website of RefugeeHomeNL.

It is also possible to search for your own home. However, it is important to know that it is currently very difficult to find suitable rental housing in the Netherlands. This is because there are less available (rental) homes than the number of house seekers. For more information about renting a home please visit the page Permanent housing.

I want to live on my own

It is possible to rent your own home if you are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive. However, this is very difficult. There are long waiting lists and high rents. Also, landlords in the private sector sometimes have high requirements for a tenant. Would you like more information about renting a home? You can find that on the page Permanent housing.

Consequences for receiving living allowance

As a refugee from Ukraine, you will receive living allowance when you stay at a shelter location, both in the municipal shelter and in the private shelter. If you rent your own independent accommodation, you are no longer entitled to living allowance.