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Governmental and private housing initiatives, for refugees

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Last updated: Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Besides the verified addresses on Takecarebnb, there are also several other initiatives that provide housing. Warning: these addresses have not been screened by us! We cannot guarantee that these addresses are legitimate.


Connects refugees looking for shelter directly to hosts in the Netherlands & other countries in Europe.


Refugees can use the interactive map on the website to find a shelter address (worldwide). You can then contact the hosts directly.


HousingAnywhere is a commercial platform that helps especially students and "young professionals" find housing worldwide. The company is providing its website to help refugees from Ukraine find rental housing in Europe (sometimes for free or at a discount). The site is available in 10 languages, including English, Ukrainian and Russian.


Matches refugees from Ukraine to people who are offering housing. This can be a house, a room, a bed or a couch, as long as it is a safe place.

Facebook group - Strong Together - Housing

This Facebook group is intended to bring refugees from Ukraine into contact with Dutch people who have a place to stay.

Guesthousing for Ukrainian Families

Offers refugees from Ukraine shelter with Dutch host families. You can stay at least 3 weeks, longer stays are possible in consultation with the host family.


Through the Mapahelp website, you can find places where you can get help as a refugee from Ukraine. There are different categories by which you can filter the help.

Registering without a residential address

If you do not have a residential address, it is possible to have the municipality register you at a postal address. This is an address where the government can reach someone without a residential address. Since 1 January 2022, the municipality is obligated to register you at a postal address if you yourself do not have such an address. This can be the address of the town hall, for example. Contact your municipality to find out what the possibilities are.