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Last updated: 8/9/2022, 12:21 PM

Published at: 8/4/2022, 1:34 PM

Deadline for proof of residence extended

Don't have a proof of residence yet? Don't worry. The IND wants to provide everyone with a proof of residence by 1 September 2022, but will continue to do so after 1 September 2022.

The transitional period in which refugees from Ukraine must collect their proof of residence has been extended until 31 October 2022. This means that refugees from Ukraine, who fall under the Temporary Protection Directive, can work in the Netherlands without proof of residence and without a work permit until 31 October 2022. That is what the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment announced.

Previously, the deadline was 1 September 2022, but this has now been extended. If you do not have a proof of residence by 1 September 2022, you can continue to work and live in the Netherlands. The IND will continue to hand out the proof of residence until everyone has been able to make an appointment to collect the proof of residence.

Haven't got an appointment yet to pick up your proof of residence? Do not worry. This has no consequences for your stay in the Netherlands. Check the IND appointment planner to make an appointment. Is there no time slot available for you? Keep an eye on the appointment planner and the RefugeeHelp update page. The IND adds new time slots every day.

Do you want more information on how to collect the proof of residence? Check out the information page on RefugeeHelp.

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