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Last updated: 12/7/2022, 3:48 PM

Published at: 7/6/2022, 1:13 PM

Free hryvnia exchange

Since 15 June 2022 Ukrainian refugees can exchange a maximum of 10,000 hryvnia for euros. This can be done free of charge until 15 September at a branch of GWK Travelex. This offer can be used once per person.

The arrangement applies only to refugees with the Ukrainian nationality of 18 years or older. They can exchange banknotes of UAH 100 or higher for euros. Coins cannot be exchanged.

Biometric passport

To exchange hryvnia bills, you need a biometric passport, because GWK Travelex needs to be able to scan it. It is currently not possible to exchange money with a handwritten passport.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate is not fixed. There is an agreement with the National Bank of Ukraine, which states that they can set the exchange rate on a weekly basis. Until now the exchange rate has been unchanged since the beginning of the agreement. If this changes, we will correct this on our page about the exchange of Ukrainian currency.

Via the GWK Travelex website you can find a branch near you. On our page about finance you will find all the information about changing Ukrainian money.

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