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Last updated: 3/6/2023, 3:29 PM

Published at: 7/19/2022, 10:00 AM

Important change of Temporary Protection Directive for non-Ukrainian refugees

As of 19 July, refugees from Ukraine without the Ukrainian citizenship, who had a temporary residence permit there, are no longer covered by the Temporary Protection Directive. This means that they are no longer entitled to municipal shelter, education and medical care.

This change applies regardless of whether people with other nationalities came directly from Ukraine or came via another EU country. Refugees from Ukraine without the Ukrainian citizenship with a permanent residence permit on 23 February 2022, who have not left Ukraine by 27 November 2021 and who have not returned to their country of origin after 23 February 2022, remain covered by the Directive.

Anyone who has registered in the Dutch population register (BRP) before 19 July will continue to be covered by the Directive. For these persons, however, their temporary protection ends on 4 March 2023. People with other nationalities who were refugees recognised by Ukraine remain a target group of the directive.

To check whether someone falls under the directive, the IND will set up a separate location. This is expected in early August. It is not clear whether people about whom there is doubt whether they fall under the Directive may remain in the reception facilities until that time.

People who are no longer covered by the Directive can choose to return to their country of origin. The Repatriation and Departure Service can assist in this. They can also choose to go through the normal asylum procedure. To do so, they must go to Ter Apel. The IND and other parties involved are also making preparations for this. 

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