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Last updated: 10/17/2022, 12:02 PM

Published at: 10/14/2022, 3:28 PM

Ukrainians entitled to longer stay in the Netherlands

The Temporary Protection Directive has been extended until 4 March 2024. This has been decided by the European Commission. This means that even with a Ukrainian permanent residence permit or asylum permit, you are entitled to stay in the Netherlands for an additional year.

Anyone covered by the Temporary Protection Directive is entitled to: shelter, medical care, education (for minors) and the opportunity to work. It can be extended once more for a period of one year. Temporary protection ends when the maximum duration has expired or safe return to Ukraine is possible.

Non-Ukrainian citizenship

A total of about 6,600 refugees of non-Ukrainian nationality are registered in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). A large part of this group has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. For example, for work or study.

This group will no longer be covered by Temporary Protection after 4 March 2023. Do you belong to this group? You can find more information on the page Non-Ukrainian citizenship. With a permanent residence permit or an asylum permit, you do keep your right to protection.

Issuing of residence stickers after 1 November 2022

Residence stickers are currently being issued at three locations in the Netherlands. Such a sticker shows that you are covered by the directive. After 1 November, this process will continue from a fixed location in Amsterdam. For example, here refugees coming to the Netherlands after 31 October 2022 can go by appointment for a sticker in their residence document. After their fourteenth birthday, children can also go here for a sticker.

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