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Do you want to volunteer for the refugees? There are a lot of initiatives you can join.

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Last updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

To welcome and connect with refugees, you can go to the sites listed below.

✔️Dutch council for Refugees (VluchtelingenWerk)

The Dutch Council for Refugees is present in every asylum seekers' center in the Netherlands with a team of employees and volunteers to receive & welcome refugees. If you want to help, you can click on the link below.

🏡 Welcome App

The Welcome App connects newcomers, locals and organisations. In the free app, newcomers can find activities in their neighbourhood, chat with local residents or find their way to education or job. If you want to help, or if you know people who want to join the network, please download the app.


UAF provides support to refugee students and professionals in their studies and in finding suitable employment in the Dutch labour market. They are looking for mentors that refugees can turn to with questions about, for instance, the education system or preparing a study assignment.


The app RefugeeFriend connects locals with refugees to support them where needed. Facilities such as shelter, water, food, sanitation, medical care and transport can be offered on the app. Do you want to participate? Then sign up via the app.

Buddy to Buddy

This website links refugees and Dutch people on a 1-on-1 basis and organizes group activities. Sign up as a buddy at the link below.

New Dutch Connections

New Dutch Connections helps & supports refugees in (re)discovering and developing their talents. Do you want to help a refugee get started on their journey in the Netherlands? Become a buddy at a Future Academy near you. More information on the link below.


Refugee Company has learning & work programs for people with a refugee background. You can also become a buddy in their connectors program.


NLvoorelkaar is the largest online platform for voluntary deployment in the Netherlands linked to about 60 local platforms. People who want to help can easily find out where they can use their time and talent in the overview of volunteer jobs.


Help is provided in the form of finding buddies, shelter, food, other necessities and transportation. Do you have a spare room in your house? Your own restaurant or shop? Can you give rides? If you have additional resources that can be shared with refugees from Ukraine and aid seekers, you can offer them directly through Help380.