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Do you support refugees from Ukraine and need help with translation? Or do you want to familiarize them with the education system in the Netherlands? There are a lot of initiatives and organizations that can help you with this.

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Last updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Below you can find initiatives or organisations that can assist with translations or finding interpreters.

Vertaalhulp Oekraïne

Would you like to offer help as a translator for refugees from Ukraine coming to the Netherlands? If you speak Russian or Ukrainian, you can easily apply on the website of Vertaalhulp Oekraïne.

Global Talk

Do you want to register as an interpreter, or do you need a translation? Global Talk employs 1,500 interpreters and culture specialists and provide translation services in Ukrainian.


The Duolingo language app offers an online Ukrainian language course. The income generated from this course will now temporarily go to charities.

Het begint met Taal (It starts with Language)

At 'Het Begint met Taal' you can volunteer as a language coach for refugees from Ukraine (and other countries). As a language coach you practice Dutch with a refugee in a language café or online. On the website you can find an overview of tips and initiatives for language coaching to refugees from Ukraine. Do you have a handy tip? You can share it on this website.

Webinar language coaching for Ukrainians

On 27 June at 19:00 there will be a webinar 'Language coaching to Ukrainians'. As a volunteer you will be taught what it means to learn the Dutch language, attention will be paid to language theory and language acquisition and volunteers will receive information about their role as a language volunteer. Practical tips will be shared and practice materials will be made available. You can sign up through the website for language volunteers.