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Below you can find an overview of organizations that provide refugees with (physical & mental) healthcare. While some activities require a medical license or training, there are still plenty of opportunities to help without being a healthcare professional.

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Last updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The organisations below offer mental healthcare to refugees.

MIND Korrelatie

MIND Korrelatie (Mind Correlation) offers free and anonymous psychological help from professional counselors, both online and over the phone. Sign up as a volunteer on the page below.

Slachtofferhulp Nederland (Victim Support NL)

Slachtofferhulp Nederland (Victim Support NL) provides emotional support after a traumatic event. As a volunteer at Slachtofferhulp Nederland, you can provide practical, emotional, or legal support to Ukrainian refugees.

Wereld Psychologen (World Psychologists)

Wereld Psychologen (World Psychologists) is an organization that offers psychological help to refugees in emergency situations where structural help is not present. See the link below for an overview of the vacancies at the Wereld Psychologen.

Centrum Seksueel Geweld (Sexual Assault Center)

At the Centrum Seksueel Geweld (Sexual Assault Center), a team of professionals works together to provide victims of sexual violence with the help they need. Vacancies at the Sexual Violence Center and at their local partners can be found at the link below.

Crisisopvang "Blijf van mijn Lijf" - Neos organisation

The crisis shelter Blijf van m'n Lijf is part of the Neos organization, which helps victims of domestic or relational violence. See the link below for an overview of the vacancies.