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Below you can find an overview of initiatives & organizations through which you can help refugees find housing & shelter, as well as some general information.

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Last updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

On this page you can read more about the financial consequences that housing refugees can have on social benefits, allowances and municipal taxes.

Effect of hosting refugees on social benefits, allowances & taxes

The government is proposing that hosting refugees from Ukraine should have no effect on social benefits, and wants to retroactively change a law, according to the Parliamentary Letter of April 6, 2022. This is yet to be approved by the Dutch parliament. If you notice that hosting refugees does have an effect on your benefits, contact the Tax and Customs Administration immediately. Furthermore, hosting refugees from Ukraine has no effect on the amount of social benefits and municipal taxes of host families, see the Parliamentary Letter of 21 March 2022. It is important to inform the benefit agency and the municipality if you are hosting a refugee, so that the stay is classified as "temporary stay". This is especially important when refugees from Ukraine are registered at your address in the BRP. For more information you can take a look at the manual from the Rijksoverheid via the link below (available in Dutch)

Hosting refugees and your insurance

In most cases, refugees staying with a host family are automatically covered by the host family's liability and household insurance. They are then considered by the insurer as guests. However, what exactly is covered may differ from one insurer to another. Should refugees cause any damage to the house or contents of the host family, a claim should be submitted first to the home insurance policy. It is therefore best to always inform your insurance company about the changed situation, so they can give you more information. The insurers Centraal Beheer Achmea, Melior and AxaXL have agreed that this will not affect the insurance premium. If the liability insurance, home insurance or contents insurance (depending on the damage caused) of the host household does not provide coverage, a claim can be made through the local authorities. For more information, click for the National Government Manual (available in Dutch) or for answers to questions about other types of insurance at the website below (also Dutch only)

Compensation for hosting refugees

It is currently not possible to receive compensation for hosting refugees from Ukraine.

Consequences of hosting refugees for pension and benefits

If you open your home to refugees, you can find information on the SVB's site about the requirement to report this and possible consequences for your pension and social benefits.