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Remigration assistance for non-Ukrainian displaced people

Published at: 3/15/2023, 12:13 PM

Are you staying in the Netherlands under the Temporary Protection Directive, but do not hold the Ukrainian nationality? Did you not have permanent asylum status, refugee status or a permanent residence permit in Ukraine? Then your right of residence under the Temporary Protection Directive ends on 4 March 2023. You may be eligible for the more extensive remigration support provided by the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V). This article will tell you what this remigration support entails and when you are eligible for it.

Support by Repatriation and Departure Service

The DTundefinedV may provide extended (financial) support to non-Ukrainian displaced persons who are no longer covered by the Temporary Protection Directive as of 4 March 2023. Unsure if you fall under this group of people? Then read our page for people with a non-Ukrainian citizenship.

What can the DTundefinedV do for you?

If you qualify for the DTundefinedVundefineds expanded remigration support, they can do the following for you:

  • Advice and information on returning to the country of origin and leaving the Netherlands;

  • A one-way flight;

  • Help with your departure from Schiphol airport;

  • Financial support. You will receive this upon your departure from Schiphol Airport.

  1. €5,000 per person, if you apply between 15 November and 31 December 2022 and leave the Netherlands within 1 month of applying;

  2. €2,000 per person, if you apply between 1 January and 1 February 2023 and leave the Netherlands within 1 month of applying.

When are you eligible for the expanded remigration support?

  • You have or had a (temporary) residence permit in Ukraine;

  • You are registered in the BRP, with a Dutch municipality, before 19 July 2022;

  • You cooperate with the DTundefinedV by providing the necessary information and following its instructions;

  • You declare in writing to withdraw or waive any pending admission procedures;

  • You hold citizenship of a third country, which is not: Ukraine, an EU country, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, the United States or Switzerland; and

  • You have a valid travel document that allows you to travel to the country of origin or a country outside the European Union. Should you wish to travel to a country other than the country of origin, it is important that you have long-term residence status in that country.

Do you qualify for the extended remigration support and does it sound interesting to you? Then apply quickly before the deadline. The extended remigration support runs until 1 February 2023. You can apply using an online form or a printed form. Take a photo of the printed form and email it to the DTundefinedV. After your application, someone from the DTundefinedV will contact you.

Please note: you can fly between 7 and 30 days after your application. The DTundefinedV will arrange your plane ticket, but you are responsible for the rest of the preparations yourself.

RefugeeHelp is not involved in the expanded remigration support and cannot answer your questions. For questions, email or check the DTundefinedVundefineds website.