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Results of the survey of VluchtelingenWerk

Published at: 1/19/2023, 11:02 AM

In September, participants were invited to respond to a survey conducted by VluchtelingenWerk (the Dutch Refugee Council). This survey was designed to identify the needs of refugees from Ukraine and to gain insight into what ways VluchtelingenWerk can improve its services. You can read the results of the survey and panel discussions in this article.

Questionnaire results

A total of 577 people completed the questionnaire. Thank you for that! In addition, 94 people participated in both in-person and online panel discussions. It became clear from the questionnaire that many people from Ukraine need more information in the areas of:

  • Education;

  • Work; and

  • Housing.

VluchtelingenWerk has been working hard to meet these needs. Thanks in part to these outcomes, a number of pilot projects have been launched. These are projects that are still in the early stages and are being tested. One of these pilot projects is about labour participation. In this pilot project we support refugees from Ukraine in finding sustainable and suitable work. Another pilot project was launched in cooperation with, a website where you can take Dutch lessons online. We have also started a pilot project for parenting support, where refugee parents are supported in parenting between two cultures. We are also organising information sessions, such as on the topic of undefinedWorking in the Netherlandsundefined. There are also several webinars, for example on traffic and education in the Netherlands. Moreover, the outcomes have been shared with our lobbying department in order to gain more attention for these topics.

RefugeeHelp is also working hard on these important topics. The categories of Work and Income, Shelter en Legal Aid and Registration have been revamped. On the Work and Income page, for example, you will find information about RefugeeWork: a platform where matches are made based on skills with an employer and employee. RefugeeHelp also has a new category for people who do not have Ukrainian citizenship. This category contains information intended for them.

A brief summary of the questionnaire responses can be found in this PDF file.

If you would also like to participate in a questionnaire, keep an eye on RefugeeHelpundefineds website for a call to share your views.