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Renting a home in the Netherlands

Published at: 3/1/2023, 1:47 PM

As more and more refugees from Ukraine start working and studying, the demand for permanent housing is increasing. The page aboutpermanent housing contains all the information you need before you start renting a house.

Rental housing

Refugees from Ukraine, who fall under the Temporary Protection Directive, are allowed to work in the Netherlands and also to rent a home. Renting a home in the Netherlands is very hard, also for Dutch people. There is a lot involved and there is a great scarcity on the housing market. As a result, you have to expect long waiting periods. In order to help you, RefugeeHelp has written a page with information about renting a home. On this page youundefinedll find things like:

  • Types of rental properties;

  • Requirements for renting a property;

  • Information about the housing permit; and

  • Websites where you can search for a rental property.

You will also find information on important things to pay attention to when renting a home. More information about renting a home? Then look at the page about permanent housing.