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Well-prepared for travelling

Published at: 3/1/2023, 1:36 PM

Did you know that we have a whole page specifically dedicated to travel as a refugee from Ukraine? On this page you will find all available information about travelling as a refugee from Ukraine.


If you are going on a trip soon and have any questions, before you leave, check out our page on Travel and holidays. Here you will find all the information you need about:

  • The opportunities and restrictions regarding travel abroad as a refugee from Ukraine;

  • Travelling with or without proof of residence; or

  • Travelling as a non-Ukrainian refugee.

You will also find information about (family) visitors who want to travel to the Netherlands, which documents you need to travel, Covid-19 rules and travel insurance. This way you are well prepared before you leave or receive visitors.

Please note: travel on public transport is not free for refugees from Ukraine. If you are returning to your country of origin, even then you have to pay for public transport.