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The information on this page is intended for refugees from Ukraine and is therefore specifically tailored to this target group.

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Current information

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Join the webinar on changes in living allowance

Join the webinar on changes in living allowance.

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Helpful guide to child care allowance

Do you need help applying for child care benefits? Find out in this article which app can help you do this.

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RefugeeHelp for all refugees in the Netherlands

RefugeeHelp is expanding! In this article you can read what will be added to RefugeeHelp.

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Take part in the survey by VluchtelingenWerk

Take part in the survey of VluchtelingenWerk. Read more in this article.

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Remigration assistance for non-Ukrainian displaced people

Does your Temporary Protection end on 4 March 2023? If so, you may be eligible for expanded remigration support. This article will tell you what that is and whether you are eligible for it.

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Participate in the Christmas video from VluchtelingenWerk

Join in making a Christmas video. You can sing, dance or play a musical instrument.

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Information about the IND letter 

Have you received a letter from the IND stating that you must leave the Netherlands after March 4, 2023? In this article you can read briefly what exactly that means and what options you have.

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Results of the survey of VluchtelingenWerk

In September, there was a call to participate in a survey. You can read the results of the survey and panel discussions in this article.

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