Make an appointment to pick up your proof of residency

As of Monday, September 5th, you are temporarily unable to pick up a residence sticker at the IND. This is because the stickers are out of stock. The IND expects stickers to be available again as of mid-October. From mid-October appointments can also be made again with the IND appointment planner. If you do not currently have a proof of residence sticker, this will not affect your stay, shelter or opportunities to work in the Netherlands..

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Making an appointment

<strong>Please note that until mid-October, it is not possible to pick up a residence sticker. For more information, check out our </strong><a href="" title=""><strong><u>latest updates</u></strong></a><strong>.</strong> IND pick-up locations are temporarily closed due to problems with the materials for the stickers.</strong>

Card (O-document) can be collected

Did you have your passport photo taken before September 1st? If yes, you can pick up your card at the IND location at Bijlmerdreef 1289 in Amsterdam. You cannot make an appointment here. More information can be found on the IND website.

You must make an appointment yourself to collect your proof of residence at an IND collection point. Do you have children aged 14 or older? Make an appointment for them too and take them to the collection location. Children younger than 14 will not be issued with a certificate of residence. This is because you are only required to provide proof of identity from the age of 14. Children of all ages must accompany you to the appointment. It does not matter if they receive a proof of residence themselves. You can make an appointment for up to 6 family members at the same time. You have to collect the certificate yourself. Someone else cannot do this for you.

Pickup locations IND

At the moment there are 6 locations where you can collect the proof of residence: Den Bosch, Rijswijk, Assen, Nieuwegein, Amsterdam and Deventer. These locations are now all temporarily closed.

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Don't live near a pickup location that is open now? Or can't find a date or time that suits you? Then try to make an appointment at a later time. Soon, everyone will be able to make an appointment.

How does it work?

To make an appointment, fill in which day you want to make an appointment and for how many people you want to make an appointment. Then you fill in your zip code. A number of options will then appear with times and locations to choose from. If there are no options near you, you can check for other options or try again later.

Once you have chosen an option, you will receive an appointment code. You will need this code at the pick-up location. If you enter your telephone number, you will receive a text message on your phone with the appointment code. The details you have entered (postal code, telephone number) are not saved.


Do you have questions about making an appointment? Then call +31 88 043 03 61. This is possible from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 17.00. You cannot make an appointment via this telephone line. It is also not possible to make an emergency appointment.

Checking the appointment

Because your details are not saved while making your appointment, the IND cannot reach you if the appointment is cancelled. You can use your appointment code to check on the website whether your appointment is scheduled. You are advised to do this on the day of your appointment.

Bring to appointment

To pick up the proof of residence, you must bring these documents to the appointment:

  • A valid passport, identity card or statement by the Ukrainian embassy. Do you have children without proof of identity and are they not included in your passport? Then bring their certificate of birth.

  • For non-Ukrainians: a Ukrainian residence permit which was valid on 23 February 2022.

  • Your citizen service number (in Dutch: burgerservicenummer or BSN). You received this number when you registered with the municipality.

  • The appointment code. You will get to see this code when you have made the appointment. It is also possible to receive this code in a text message on your telephone.

Picking up proof of residence

Find out what you can expect on the day you pick up your certificate of residence.

Travelling to the IND pickup location

You travel on your own on the agreed day to the pick-up location where you have the appointment. The IND does not reimburse travel expenses. Make sure that you are on time for your appointment. You must collect the certificate yourself. Someone else cannot do this for you.

Filling in asylum application and antecedents certificate

You must fill in 2 IND forms during your appointment at the pickup location: the asylum application and the antecedents certificate. At the reception centre you can find translations of both forms in Ukrainian, Russian and English. There are also staff members (hosts) who can help you fill in these forms. They speak Ukrainian, Russian or English.

Asylum application Your application for residence under the Temporary Protection Directive officially starts when you register with the municipality. However, you must sign an application form at the pick-up location. This form is called the M35H and is the official application for asylum. This applies to everyone aged 15 and over. Are your children younger than 15? Then they will be entered on your application form. It is therefore important to make an appointment for all your children and to bring them with you to your appointment.

Because you fall under the Temporary Protection Directive, your rights are different from those of a standard asylum application. This means that you can work in the Netherlands straight away. You will also not be interviewed by someone from the IND. This directive is valid at least until 4 March 2023. Until then, you will not receive a decision on your asylum application.

Antecedents certificate

Everyone aged 12 and over must also fill in an antecedents certificate. On this certificate, you indicate whether you have ever committed a punishable offense or crime. You must also sign the form.

IND checks data

A staff member of the IND checks the following at the pickup location:

  • Your registration with the municipality;

  • your documents; and

  • whether you fall under the Temporary Protection Directive.

Sticker or card (O-document)

As proof of residence in the Netherlands, you will receive a sticker in your passport or on a separate piece of paper. Sometimes you will be given a card (O document). An IND employee will then take a photo of you at the pick-up location. You will receive the sticker immediately. You will receive the card later, because the IND first has to make it for you. It takes 3 weeks to make the pass after the IND has taken a picture of you at the pick-up location.

Soon you will be able to collect this card in Amsterdam (Bijlmerdreef 1289, 1103 TV). You do not need to make an appointment. Has a card been made for your child(ren) as well? If so, please bring them to Amsterdam. You cannot collect the card for your children, they have to do this themselves. For more information about specific dates, please visit the IND website.

It does not matter for your rights whether you get a sticker or a card. The rights are the same for everyone. Find out when you get a sticker and when a card.

You will get a sticker in your passport

  • You are a Ukrainian woman.

  • You are a Ukrainian man aged 60 or over (on 24 February 2022).

You will get a sticker on a separate piece of paper

  • You are a Ukrainian man younger than 60 years old (on 24 February 2022).

  • You have an identity card or statement by the Ukrainian embassy (no passport).

  • You only have a domestic passport.

You will get a card

  • You fall under the directive, despite the fact that you do not have a passport, identity card or statement by the Ukrainian embassy.

  • You are a Ukrainian child aged 14 or over without proof of identity (passport).

  • You have a passport that expires before 4 March 2023, or a passport that has already expired (if you have applied for a new passport, the loose paper remains valid).

You have a sticker or card (O-document): what does this mean?

Have you received a sticker? Read information in the leaflet 'Staying in the Netherlands: what does that mean for you?' in your own language:

Have you received a pass (O-document)? Read more information in the leaflet 'Staying in the Netherlands: what does that mean for you?' in your own language:


The IND needs a lot of people who can help in the pick-up locations. Workers are sought who speak both Ukrainian and English, in places such as Roermond, Den Bosch and Breda. Dutch-speaking interested people can also apply, for the role of front desk staff, for example inZwolle. There are other job openings, in several cities. For the most up-to-date information, contact employment agency Start People, via or +31 36 529 92 55.