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Do you support refugees from Ukraine and need help with translation? Or do you want to familiarize them with the education system in the Netherlands? There are a lot of initiatives and organizations that can help you with this.

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Last updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The following initiatives offer guidance in navigating the Dutch education system.

Education Guideline

The government has published a manual (only in Dutch) on education for children and young people from Ukraine. This document offers guidelines and frameworks for, among other things, the organisation of education, the deployment of educational staff, funding and supervision. ARQ has also published a manual (only in Dutch) with useful tips and sites for offering support to teachers.


UAF assists refugees in their studies and in finding a job. On their website, you can volunteer to become a refugee mentor.


Are you a student and do you want to contribute to the academic integration of a refugee? Sign up on this website.


Are you a teacher or involved in education in another way, and do you want to know how to organize education for refugee children from Ukraine? Then have a look here:


Are you a teacher, and do you have questions about how to deal with children who have experienced traumatic events? LOWAN offers help and support.

Rijksoverheid (Central Government)

A lot of parents from Ukraine report their child(ren) to schools so that their children can attend education. Some schools need your help and support. Do you want to help? Please contact your local school or school board.

LBBO (National Professional Group of Supervisors of Education)

Do you work in education? LBBO has published an overview with tips on dealing with the war in Ukraine in education. See the website for all the tips.

Pictogram cards

Are you accompanying refugees from Ukraine and do you need help with communication? In this Google Drive you will find pictogram cards for basic communication, such as transportation and medicine. You can point to what you mean and communicate that way.