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Many charity initiatives benefit from the donation of (critical) supplies. Below you can find an overview of such organizations and where to donate.

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Last updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Do you wish to donate items? In the link below you can find collection points where to do so.

Collection locations Ukraine

Through the link below you will find an overview of collection locations and required goods in the Netherlands. You can enter your location and see where you can hand in your stuff. Click on the collection locations to see what items are needed and how you can make an appointment to drop them off.

Collection locations 'Foundation Ukrainians in the Netherlands'

The link below provides a second overview of collection spots and needed goods in the Netherlands. This website has fewer collection spots than the link above but can also be used. On this website, telephone numbers are not shared. In case of questions, please contact the hotline or the e-mail address on the website.