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Last updated: 4/9/2024, 4:04 PM

If you do not have a Dutch residence permit, it may be difficult to get healthcare. Nevertheless, like any other person, you are entitled to medically necessary healthcare. You can read more about this on this page.

The right to medically necessary healthcare

If you do not have a Dutch residence permit, you cannot get health insurance in the Netherlands. This is because people without a valid residence permit are not allowed to use Dutch social services.

At the same time, people have the right to healthcare. Everyone has the right to medically necessary healthcare. Medically necessary healthcare is care that a doctor believes is medically necessary for you.

Many healthcare providers do not know that people without residence permits are entitled to more extensive healthcare than just first aid in an emergency. On the website of the 'Basic Rights' aid organisation you will find a list of locations where you can at least get good medical care.

'Basic Rights'
See the list of healthcare providers on the 'Basic Rights' website.

Paying the cost of your healthcare

Not being able to get health insurance means that you also have to pay for the healthcare you need yourself. This may not be possible because you cannot legally work in the Netherlands.

That is why there is a funding scheme that healthcare providers can use to help pay for your healthcare. This is called the 'regeling onverzekerbare vreemdelingen' (regulation for uninsurable foreign nationals). This scheme is managed by the Central Administration Office (CAK).

On the CAK website, you can find more information about the 'regeling onverzekerbare vreemdelingen' (regulation for uninsurable foreign nationals).

The Red Cross will help

The Red Cross helps people without residence permits get information about local services such as legal support, healthcare and shelter.

The Red Cross
You can find more information about what the Red Cross can do for you on the Red Cross website.
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