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  • You might not have to pay for tuition fees for MBO course
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You might not have to pay for tuition fees for MBO course

Published at: 7/14/2023, 2:43 PM
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If you are going to take an MBO course, you might not have to pay tuition fees if you are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive. Or if you have applied for asylum but do not have an asylum residence permit. You can apply for this yourself from Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO). Do this before 31 July 2023.

You must meet these conditions 

To be eligible, you must meet the following four conditions:

  1. You are not entitled to study financing or any other contribution to your student costs because you do not have Dutch citizenship

  2. You cannot pay the tuition fees and there is no organisation to pay for you.

  3. You are 18 or older but under 31 on 1 August, at the beginning of the school year.

  4. One of the following situations applies to you:

  • You have a W-document or W2-document. You can tell this by the letter W or W2 next to the photo on your ID.

  • You have a type I-document for medical treatment for yourself or a family member.

  • You have been deported and are in a return process.

  • You have exhausted all legal remedies and cannot return according to COA, for example due to illness.

  • You are deported and living in a family location.

  • You are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive.

Please note: If you have already paid the tuition fees, you cannot get a refund.

To take advantage of this regulations, you must complete a form and send it to DUO by 31 July 2023.

Paying tuition tees after your 30th birthday

If you have already turned 30, you might still not have to pay tuition fees. If you meet conditions 1, 2 and 4, you can still apply to DUO after your 30th birthday so that you don't have to pay your tuition fees. You must also be enrolled in your training without a break. You may not have stopped and started your training again in the meantime.

After your 30th birthday, you must request non-payment of tuition each year. You must then prove each year that you still meet the conditions for not paying.

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