Return Benin

If you are thinking about returning to your country of origin, this page about Benin will provide you with information about what allowances are available and which organisations can help you return.

Independent return to your country of origin

Choosing to return to your country yourself is not easy. Sometimes it is difficult to return for practical reasons. For example, if you do not have the necessary travel documents.

Sometimes there are emotional reasons that make the decision to return difficult. For example, feelings of shame, failure or uncertainty about the future. Sometimes you also have to rebuild a social network in your country and search for a home and job.

If you are thinking about leaving the Netherlands, several organisations can help you return to your country of origin. Help from these organisations is free.

Allowances for returning

Basic allowance (REAN)

You will receive a basic allowance according to the REAN scheme. REAN stands for 'Return and Emigration Assistance from the Netherlands'. The REAN scheme reimburses:

  • Support

  • An airline ticket

  • Assistance in obtaining travel documents

  • 200 in cash for an adult and €40 for a child travelling with you. You will receive this cash at Schiphol on the day of departure.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) arranges this allowance for you. The organisation helping you return can apply to IOM for the allowance on your behalf.

Allowance for reintegration

You can receive an additional allowance from the Dutch government to make a fresh start in your country of origin. You get the allowance to pay for goods or services for this purpose. There are several organisations with projects that provide the reintegration allowance in the country of origin.

For example, you can use the allowance to attend training or pay for supplies for your own business. You can get a small part of the allowance in cash. The allowance is:

  • €1,800 for an adult (maximum €300 cash).

  • €2,800 for an accompanying child or an unaccompanied minor child (maximum €300 in cash).

Organisations that can help you in the Netherlands

Cooperation organisations in country of origin

Partner organisations in your country of origin can provide you with information about the situation in your country and support and guide you when you return.

  • VluchtelingenWerk works in Benin with the organisation Caritas Benin. They support returning Beninese (both individuals and families) in starting a new life. They can meet returnees at the airport, help them in the search for (temporary) housing and support them in setting up a small business or finding work. They also help them find suitable training or education, useful contacts and networks, and refer clients to health institutions where necessary. VluchtelingenWerk keeps in touch with the partner organisation for up to a year after your return to find out how you are doing.

  • If you have opted for IOM support, colleagues at the IOM office in Benin help you spend the money. You can use this money for e.g. rent, education, training, purchases for a company, etc.

  • The other organisations also often work with a local partner in your country of origin. Which one this is and what the partner can do for you may vary.