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Home furnishing
Last updated: 4/9/2024, 3:56 PM

On this page you will find tips for furnishing your home.

Borrowing money to furnish your home

Most municipalities allow you to get a loan to furnish your first home. This is called a furnishing loan. The amount of the furnishing loan varies by municipality.

In many cases, this is a loan. This means that you will eventually have to pay back to the municipality the money you borrow for the furnishings. In some municipalities, you get the money and do not have to pay it back. Check with your contact person at the municipality how this is arranged in your municipality.

Thrift stores

At a thrift store, you can buy a lot of furniture and other items for your home for very little money. A thrift store is a store that sells donated used items. Usually things from a thrift store are a lot cheaper than at other stores.
View a map of all thrift stores in the Netherlands
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