This is what you need to arrange when you have a house

Last updated: 3/16/2023, 10:56 AM

When you are assigned a house, there are many things you need to take care of. For example, you have to take out an energy contract and pass on your change of address. On this page you will find a list of all the things you need to do.

Borrowing money for furnishings

Most municipalities allow you to get a loan to furnish your first home. This is called a furnishing loan. The amount of the furnishing loan varies by municipality.

Please note: this is a loan. It is not a gift. Eventually, the money you borrow for your furnishings will need to be paid back to the municipality.

What do I need to sort if I have a house?

This is something you need to arrange:

Electricity and gas
Contents insurance
Television and internet