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You move from the reception centre into your home
Last updated: 4/9/2024, 4:03 PM

After you sign your rental agreement, you have 2 weeks to move into your new home. During that time, you have a lot to arrange. You can read more about it on this page.

You register with the municipality

After signing the rental agreement, register in the

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Dutch population register (BRP)
in the municipality where you will live. You do this so that the municipality knows you are becoming a resident. And so that the municipality can contact you if necessary.

Your contact from

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VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN)
or social worker from another organisation can support you in registering in the BRP.

Usually you apply for financial aid from the government

If you still have no or insufficient income of your own from paid work, you are entitled to financial help from the government. This is called a benefit or 'bijstandsuitkering' (welfare benefit). This is an amount per month that the government gives you to live on. You use this to pay your rent, for example.

If you are entitled to a welfare benefit, you will get it from the day you apply for it at the municipality, not before. Make sure you apply on time. This will prevent you from receiving too little money.

Your contact from VWN or social worker from another organisation can support you in applying for benefits.

On this page you will find more information about benefits in the Netherlands.

Borrowing money to furnish your home

Most municipalities allow you to get a loan to furnish your first home. This is called a furnishing loan. The amount of the furnishing loan varies by municipality.

In many cases, this is a loan. This means that you will eventually have to pay back to the municipality the money you borrow for the furnishings. In some municipalities, you get the money and do not have to pay it back. Check with your contact person at the municipality how this is arranged in your municipality.

Concluding contracts and taking out insurance

You have to sign certain contracts to live in your home. For example:

  • A contract for electricity and gas

  • A contract for water

  • A contract for television and internet

  • Household contents insurance

Your contact at VWN or social worker from another organisation can support you with this.

This is what you need to arrange when you have a home
On this page you can find more information about the contracts and insurances you need to take out when you own a home.

Let COA know that you are leaving the reception centre

Make an appointment with your contact at the <Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) to let them know you are moving. Do this one day before your move.

'My COA'
Make an appointment on 'My COA' to let us know you are leaving the reception centre.
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