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Een man praat met een medewerker van de gemeente.

Source: VluchtelingenWerk Nederland / Goedele Monnens

The municipality will invite you to an interview

Last updated: 10/1/2023, 7:59 PM
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If you have received a letter about your civic integration, the municipality where you live or will live will invite you for an interview. You will be given a contact person at the municipality with whom you will have a number of interviews about your civic integration.

You are required to come to the appointment

You will receive the invitation from the municipality by letter. In this letter, there is a date when you must come to the municipality for your 1st interview. You are required to come to that appointment. If you cannot come on the date mentioned in the letter, contact the municipality.

You will assess with the municipality how you can best undergo civic integration

You can undergo civic integration in different ways. Together with your contact person at the municipality you will assess what suits you best in a few interviews.

The start date of these interviews varies for each municipality. In some municipalities, you have the 1st appointment when you are still living in an

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asylum seekers' centre (AZC)
. In other municipalities, interviews do not begin until you have been given housing in the municipality.

You will take a mandatory test

During the interviews with the municipality, you will also take a test. With this test the municipality assesses which method of civic integration suits you best. The results provides an estimate of whether you will be able to achieve Dutch language level

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within 3 years.

This test is mandatory. You can be fined by the municipality if you do not participate in it.

'Module Arbeidsmarkt & Participatie' (labour market and participation module)

If you take the 'B1-route' or the 'Zelfredzaamheidsroute', you have to take the 'Module Arbeidsmarkt & Participatie' (MAP). In this module you get information about working in the Netherlands and participating in Dutch society. You also gain work experience. The MAP consists of:

  1. A starting interview at the municipality: in this interview you will discuss what you will do.

  2. Education about the Dutch labour market.

  3. 40 hours of work experience: for example, through volunteering, a work placement or visiting organisations and companies.

  4. A final interview at the municipality: in this interview you will discuss what you have learned, what kind of work you want to do and the help you will get from the municipality.

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