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Collecting documents for your permanent residence permit

Last updated: 8/30/2023, 7:44 AM
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If you want to apply for a permanent residence permit, you need to submit documents to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). In this article you can read which documents you need before starting the application.

You will need these documents

Collect at least the following documents before applying:

  1. An extract from the

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    Dutch population register (BRP)

  2. Evidence that you have successfully completed your civic integration exam. Except if you have been told by the

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    that you do not need to undergo civic integration. Then you have to show proof of this.

  3. A copy of your valid temporary residence permit.

  4. A

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    background statement

  5. The IND may sometimes ask you for other documents.

You need to submit these documents to the IND. It is important to collect and deliver the documents to the IND on time. This will allow the IND to assess your application as quickly as possible.

The documents must be translated

To apply to the IND, you often need official documents from your country of origin. These documents must have been translated into Dutch, English, French or German by a

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sworn translator

Submit documents online or make copies

If you are applying for a permanent residence permit online, you can upload the documents from your computer. For example, in the form of clearly legible photos or scans.

If you are applying by post, do not send the original documents to the IND. Make clearly legible copies and write your personal information on each copy. Only use A4 paper and do not send items such as USB sticks, DVDs or photo albums.

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