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You take lessions and exams

Last updated: 11/17/2023, 9:15 AM
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You pass the civic integration if you take lessons and then pass 6 different exams. You can read more about it on this page.

You learn Dutch

You take lessions in Dutch. You pass if you master the Dutch language at least to level

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in these 4 sections:

  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Reading

You can also choose to learn the Dutch language at a higher level. This is especially important if you want to get to work quickly, or study in the Netherlands. You will then need language level

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You learn about Dutch society

You take classes that cover Dutch society. After that, you will take an exam. This is called

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'Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij' (KNM)
. It is about rules in the Netherlands and what people in the Netherlands find important.

The exam covers 8 topics in Dutch society:

  • Work and income

  • Behaviour, values and norms

  • Housing

  • Health and healthcare

  • History and geography

  • Institutions in the Netherlands

  • Constitution and rule of law

  • Education and parenting

Each topic describes what you need to know and be able to do to pass the exam. In 'onderwijs en opvoeding' (education and parenting), for example, you will learn how the Dutch education system works and how to pay for an education.

You learn about working in the Netherlands

You will also be taught about working in the Netherlands. This is called orientation to the Dutch labor market ('Oriëntatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt', ONA). You will learn how to find work in the Netherlands that suits you.

You must pass 3 sections:

  • Learning about working in the Netherlands in the preparatory phase

  • Creating a portfolio

  • 64 hours of courses or a final interview with

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    Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO)

Below you can read what each section entails:

The preparatory phase
Preparing a portfolio
Final interview with DUO or 64 hours of courses

Cost of exams

If you pass the exams first time, you can pay the exam costs from a loan from DUO. You can do this through your school. Note: if you have to retake multiple exams, your loan may run out. Then you have to pay the costs yourself.

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