A Dutch train leaves the central station in Amsterdam
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This is how public transport works in the Netherlands
Last updated: 4/9/2024, 3:53 PM

In the Netherlands, you can get almost anywhere by public transport. With trains, buses, trams and metros. On this page you can read more about public transport in the Netherlands.

There are several transport companies

The Netherlands has several transport companies responsible for different forms of public transportation.

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Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)
regulates most of the train transportation in the Netherlands. Other transport companies are responsible for buses, trams and metros in different regions.

Visit the website of the transport company in your area for key transportation information. And for possible discount offers.

You can plan your trip in advance

If you need to go somewhere soon, you can plan your trip in advance on the internet. For a train journey, you can look online at the NS website. At www.ns.nl you can see when your train is going, from which platform, and if there are any problems. You can also do that with their app for your phone.

If you would like information on all types of trips, check out www.9292.nl. You can then plan exactly how to get from your home to your destination. This way you can avoid unexpectedly long waits. You can also download the 9292 app on your phone.

You must have a valid ticket

You always need to have a valid ticket. There are several ways to get a valid ticket. For example, by checking in with a public transport chip card. Or by buying a paper ticket from a ticket machine.

You can often rent a bike at stations

At many train stations you can rent bikes from the NS. This is called an 'OV-fiets' (public transport bike). You need a personal 'OV-chipkaart' (public transposrt chip card) to rent a public transport bike. You can add the public transport bike subscription to this for free.

To use a public transport bike you pay € 4.55 per 24 hours. Even if you need a bicycle for less than 24 hours, you pay €4.55.

These are the rules on public transport

On public transport, you have to follow certain rules. Below you can read the most important ones:

You must always be able to show that you are paying for the journey
You may only travel in the class for which you have a ticket
Sometimes you are allowed to take your bike on public transport
There are special areas for wheelchairs and pushchairs
Smoking on public transport is prohibited
You may not make noise or mess
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