A group of people with residency permits are participating in the 'Participatieverklaringstraject' (PVT).
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You participate in a mandatory course on participation (PVT)
Last updated: 6/12/2024, 3:59 AM

For the civic integration process, you also participate in the free 'Participatieverklaringstraject' (PVT). This is a mandatory part for everyone who must integrate as of 1 October 2017.

This is what the participation statement path ('participatieverklaringstraject', PVT) entails

During the PVT, you will receive information you need to know from the Dutch government in order to integrate. The PVT lasts a minimum of 12 hours and covers such topics as:

  • The Dutch Constitution.

  • The meaning of freedom in the Netherlands.

  • The meaning of equality in the Netherlands.

  • The meaning of solidarity in the Netherlands.

  • The meaning of participation in the Netherlands.

  • A walk through the community where you live.

  • Finally, you and the municipality sign the'participatieverklaring' (participationstatement).

It is the job of municipalities to implement the PVT.

You have 3 years to complete the PVT

You have 3 years to complete the PVT. These 3 years start after the municipality adopts the

integration and participationplan ('Plan Inburgering en Participatie', PIP)
. If you not complete the pathway by the deadline and the municipality thinks this is your own fault, you will be fined.

These are possible consequences if you do not sign the 'participatieverklaring'

Signing the 'participatieverklaring' is a requirement of the

Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)
in order to successfully complete civic integration.

If you do not sign the declaration, you can be fined up to €340. You can get this fine more than once.

Also, you probably will not get a permanent residence permit or Dutch citizenship if you do not sign the 'participatieverklaring'. You can only get this if you are successfully integrated.

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