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Een rij met sociale huurwoningen.

Source: CorporatieNL

Here is what you can do if an offered home does not fit your situation

Last updated: 11/16/2023, 9:14 AM
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If the municipality has offered you a home that does not fit your situation, e.g. because it is too small for your family, the municipality might try to find you another home. You must have good reasons for this.

The municipality must provide a suitable home

The municipality must find a home that fits your situation. If the municipality has found a home that fits your situation, you cannot refuse the home. In some cases, you may, however, indicate to the

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Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA)
that the home does not suit you. These are the conditions which a suitable home must meet: 

The home must be large enough for the number of people who will live there

The home must be large enough for you and your family members. How big a home is depends on how many people are going to live in it.

If you have applied for family reunification, but your family members are not yet in the Netherlands, you may first be offered a home that is large enough for you. If your family members are in the Netherlands, you will be offered a home that is large enough for the whole family.

The home must be easily accessible

If you have difficulty walking or you are in a wheelchair, the municipality must ensure that the home is equipped for this. For example, by offering a home without stairs.

If you think the home the municipality is offering you does not fit your situation, consult with your contact person at

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VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN)
or your social worker from another organisation. This person can support you.

Talk to COA if the house does not fit your situation

If a home does not fit your situation, or are there other reasons why you think the home is not suitable for you, you can let your COA contact person know. COA will then see if you are right. There two possibilities:

COA agrees with you

COA also believes that the home is not appropriate for your situation. Not enough consideration has been given to your situation and the rules that apply. The municipality offers you another home.

COA disagrees with you

COA does consider the home appropriate for your situation. COA advises you to accept the home and then look for another home yourself. If you do not accept the home, COA will go to court.

Will COA go to court?

If COA goes to court and is vindicated by the court, the following happens:

You may no longer stay in the reception centre

If you do not leave the reception centre, COA can have you evicted by the police. You pay the costs for this yourself. This costs about € 2000.

You are now responsible for finding your own home

COA and the municipality are now no longer responsible for finding a suitable home. You have to directly look for a home yourself. Due to the housing crisis in the Netherlands, it can take a very long time until you find a home. In the meantime, you cannot use COA's reception centre.

You cannot appeal the court's ruling

With an asylum residence permit, you cannot appeal the court's decision. So you are taking a major risk by not accepting a home if COA feels the home is appropriate for your situation.

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