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Fireworks in Rotterdam

Source: Frans Berkelaar

Fireworks in the Netherlands

Published at: 12/20/2022, 12:22 PM
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On December 31, the Dutch celebrate the turn of the year with fireworks. This is what we call New Year's Eve in the Netherlands. On the night of December 31 to January 1, there are fireworks shows throughout the Netherlands. In most municipalities you may also set off fireworks yourself between 18:00 and 02:00.

Fireworks banned in some municipalities

In most municipalities, you are allowed to set off your own fireworks between 18:00 and 02:00. However, in some municipalities it is forbidden to set off fireworks yourself. Check your municipality's website to see if you are allowed to set off fireworks. Often in these municipalities people still set off fireworks. This is prohibited.

Noise nuisance from fireworks

Throughout December, be prepared for noise pollution from fireworks. Most fireworks are set off in the Netherlands on 31 December. But in the weeks before, illegal fireworks are already being set off. Bear this in mind. You may hear bangs over the last few days of the year.

Think about safety when setting off fireworks

Fireworks can be dangerous. Therefore, think about your safety and the safety of others. Do not light fireworks yourself if you have not done so before. If you have set off fireworks before, be careful. Put on safety glasses, use a lighting fuse and keep enough distance from the fireworks. Heavy fireworks are prohibited.

Public transport runs less frequently

At the turn of the year, public transportation runs less frequently. Also, buses, trains, streetcars and subways may run at different times. Make sure you are aware of the correct timetable. This is indicated on the website of the bus, train, streetcar or subway.

Locked post boxes

For the last few days of the year, post boxes and rubbish bins are removed or locked. This is to prevent people from throwing fireworks in them. Please keep this in mind if you want to send post.

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