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Finding a job through RefugeeWork
Published at: 12/20/2022, 12:22 PM

Via RefugeeWork, you can search for a job in your own language. On the RefugeeWork website, you will find job offers translated into 11 languages. In that way, you can read what kind of work is available in your own language and let employers know that you would like to work.

In your own language

When employers look for staff, they usually post a job vacancy. A job vacancy is an advertisement that states what work is available. Such an ad also states what experience and knowledge you need to be able to do the job.

Many job vacancies in the Netherlands can only be read in Dutch. This can be quite difficult for people who don't know Dutch yet. Or people who are just learning Dutch. By translating the vacancies, RefugeeWork hopes to make it easier for people to respond to vacancies.

Getting to work quickly

If you want to work, you can apply via RefugeeWork's website. You need to fill in who you are. You can also upload a CV for RefugeeWork. A CV is a page that includes your personal information, education and work experience. Then you can be matched with work that suits you.

Ukrainian Emre Ozturk already found work through RefugeeWork: "The website works very easily," he says. "I filled out the form and was matched to several jobs through the platform. I like cooking and had responded to a job at a restaurant in Rotterdam. After just 1 day I was able to start working."

By VluchtelingenWerk (VWN)

RefugeeWork was started by the independent human rights organisation VluchtelingenWerk (VWN). The platform is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Queen Máxima launched the website earlier this year.

In this video, you will see how RefugeeWork was launched

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Queen Máxima launches job platform RefugeeWork

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