This text message received by several refugees and asylum seekers suggests that they can get extra money to live from the IND and VWN. And that to get this money they must fill out a form and leave their credit card or bank details. The message is not true. This is a scam.
Source: Tekstbericht dat verstuurd is naar de mobiele telefoon van een vluchteling
Fake messages are spread about the IND on your phone
Published at: 6/11/2024, 11:54 AM

Many refugees receive fake messages on their phones about extra money you can get from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN). Those messages are not true.

You cannot get extra money

It says in those messages that you have to fill out a form and then you can get extra money. This is false information. Do not fill out the form. Delete the message and block the sender. If you do fill out the form, you will be scammed. The scammers are going to try to take money from your account. This is called phishing.

The IND or VWN will never ask for your bank details over the phone

How can you know this message is fake? The IND or VluchtelingenWerk (VWN) will never send you bills online or ask you to share your bank information. Via WhatsApp, email or a text message, a Dutch organisation will never ask you for your bank details. If it does, it is probably a fake message.

What should you do if you did fill in the form by mistake?

Have you received one of these fake messages? And did you accidentally fill out the form and give your bank or credit card information? If so, go to COA's information desk. If you were scammed, you may need to block or change your Yoursafe account. You can also file a report with the help desk for fraud and report it to the police.

If you do not live in a COA reception centre but independently or in the (emergency) reception centre in the municipality, go to the municipality and also to the police to report this. And block your bank account or credit card if you have passed on those details. This can be done at the bank or through your bank's app if you have it on your phone.

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