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The rent for your home may get higher because of the annual rent increase
Published at: 6/19/2024, 1:28 PM

Landlords may almost raise their rents again. So maybe your rent will also go up starting 1 July 2024. Read how the rent increase works here. And whether you can do anything about it.

Housing corporations
and other landlords are allowed by Dutch law to raise the rent each year on houses they rent out.

You will usually get a letter from your landlord about this. Landlords of social housing must give at least 2 months' notice via letter. Landlords of

freehold housing
do not have to remind you in writing, but usually do.

Your landlord must follow maximum increase rules

A landlord may not simply raise the rent much higher. There are legal agreements about this. A landlord must take into account a maximum allowable increase, depending on the type of home and the rent. For example, different rules apply to social housing than to free-sector housing. In addition, there are different rules when you rent an entire house than when you only rent a room.

Dutch government: what is the maximum rent increase in 2024?
On the website of the Dutch government you can check the maximum rent increase for each type of rental property.

There is a maximum rent the landlord can charge for your home

A maximum rent is set by law for your property. With the "Huurprijscheck" (rent check) of the

Dutch Rent Commission
, you can calculate what this maximum rent is.

The rent check assesses your home's features and amenities, such as area and state of repair, based on points. These points determine how high the rent can be.

Do the rent check
Use the rent check from the Dutch Rent Commission to discover the maximum rent for your home.

You can object to rent increases

If the landlord does not follow the rules for rent increases, you can object. Usually the letter about your rent increase will tell you how to object to the increase.

By law, you must at least continue to pay your old rent. As otherwise you lose your rights as a tenant. In the worst case, the landlord can start proceedings to terminate your contract if you do not pay rent. Read below how to object to the rent increase:

Objecting with a letter
Objecting without a letter
Get free support from the Dutch Rent Commission
The Dutch Rent Commission can advise you free of charge if you disagree with the annual rent increase.
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