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These are your rights and obligations in the COA reception centre
Last updated: 3/14/2024, 1:51 PM

In the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) reception centre, you live with others. Each reception centre is different. You have rights and obligations at the reception centres. Read more about them on this page.

Your rights in the reception centre

In any reception centre of the

Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA)
, you are entitled to:

  • A place to sleep

  • Meals, or money for meals

  • Necessary medical care and reimbursement of medical expenses

  • Support

  • Reimbursement of extraordinary expenses such as your travel costs

  • Children under 18 have the right to education

  • Filing complaints about fellow residents, the reception centre or COA employees

Sign declaration

Every reception centre is different. Some reception centres have more facilities than others. For your stay at COA's reception centres, you must sign a statement of rights and obligations. With this statement, you promise to abide by the rules of the COA reception centre.

On COA's website you can find information about your reception centre

Your obligations in the reception centre

During your stay at the reception centre, you are required to:

  1. Adhere to Dutch law.

  2. Adhere to the reception centre's house rules.

  3. Allow COA employees access to your room for mandatory inspection.

  4. Report to COA at least once a week. COA tells you where and when you must do this. This is called the obligation to report.

  5. Follow the instructions of COA employees.

  6. Return any belongings you have borrowed without damage when you leave. If items are missing or broken, COA may deduct money from your weekly allowance.

  7. Notify COA if your financial situation changes.

Living together in the reception centre

You often share your living space with others in the reception centre. You can make arrangements with your fellow residents about receiving visitors and cleaning the living space. For example, you can make a cleaning schedule.

Meals/cooking in the reception centre

When you stay in a temporary reception centre, you usually do not cook for yourself. You get meals from COA. If you are staying in an asylum seekers' center (AZC), you usually cook for yourself. You get money to buy food.

Weekly allowance in the reception centre

In a temporary reception centre, you usually do not get weekly allowance. In an AZC, you often get weekly allowance.

Activities in the reception centre

At some reception centres you can take Dutch classes or do volunteer work. For children, some reception centres offer sports, games, art and music. Not every reception centre offers the same options. In the temporary reception centre the possibilities are very limited.

Washing in the reception centre

Each reception centre has a laundry room where you can wash and dry your clothes. This room is open at specific times.

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