Safe country of origin

Last updated: 3/16/2023, 10:56 AM

If you are from a country that is safe according to the Dutch government, your asylum application will be processed in a fast-track procedure. There is a good chance that the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will reject your asylum application.

List of safe countries of origin

The Dutch government has created a list of safe countries of origin.

This list is subject to change. Countries may be added or removed. Is your country of origin on this list and you do not fall into one of the exception groups? Then you will enter a fast-track asylum procedure.

You will have one interview with the IND

The IND asks questions about you, your journey to the Netherlands and the reason you fled. You get one opportunity to clearly explain who you are and why you fled. Explain to the IND in detail why you are personally in danger in the country you came from, and why you need protection in the Netherlands.

  • During the interview, you can submit documents to the IND as proof of your refugee story. You will get a hard copy of the proof when the IND takes your documents.

  • Always give your real name. Do not give the name of a fake ID. Tell the IND if you used an alias during your flight. The IND will check if your papers are genuine. It can be detrimental to your asylum claim if you lie about your identity.

  • Sometimes it is difficult to talk about your flight. Explain this clearly to the IND if you find it difficult to talk about anything, or if there is something you do not remember.

  • If you have any scars or physical or psychological complaints related to your flight, tell the IND this. The IND will offer you a medical examination.

  • You can be heard by an interpreter and IND employee of your own gender if you wish.

  • An employee of

    VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN)
    may be present at your interview with the IND if you wish.

  • The IND will compile a report of the interview. After the interview, discuss the IND report with your lawyer. Tell your lawyer if any information is missing or incorrect in the IND report.

The IND makes a 1st decision

There are three possibilities:

  1. The IND approves your asylum application: You will receive a letter from the IND stating that your application has been approved. You can then apply for a permanent residence permit. The residence permit can be revoked within five years, for example if your country of origin is safe again. Your residence permit can also be revoked if it turns out that you did not tell the truth during your asylum application.

  2. The IND intends to reject your asylum application: You will receive a letter from the IND stating that the IND intends to reject your application for asylum. This letter contains the reasons for rejection and the consequences for you.

  3. The IND needs more time for investigation and cannot decide on your asylum application within 6 or 9 days. The IND will continue processing your application in the General Asylum Procedure (AA).

The consequences if the IND rejects your asylum application

You are no longer allowed to stay in the Netherlands and must return to your country of origin. The

Repatriation & Departure Service (DT&V)
will talk to you about your return.