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Work placement with a W-document for 1 year

Last updated: 11/22/2023, 1:50 PM
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If you have applied for asylum in the Netherlands, but do not yet have an asylum residence permit, you may do a work placement if you have to for your education. Read more here.

Work placements

A work placement is sometimes a required part of your education. During a work placement, you learn a trade or gain work experience. You work for an organisation for a short period of time and you are not paid. If you do not yet have a residence permit, you will also not receive a work placement allowance. Sometimes you do get a travel allowance. Through a work placement you can learn what it is like to work in the Netherlands.

You may do a work placement if:

  • You have to do the work placement for your education.

  • The work placement is unpaid. You may be reimbursed for your travel expenses.

Please note: Your employer does not need a work permit (TWV). If the above does not apply to you, you are not allowed to do a work placement.

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