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With a W-document for 1 year you can now work unlimited hours according to the court

Published at: 4/20/2023, 10:07 AM
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The court has decided that from now on you are allowed to work more while waiting for an asylum residence permit. Previously, you were only allowed to work 24 weeks a year after 6 months in the Netherlands. This is called the 24-week requirement. The court has now abolished this requirement.

A man and his employer filed the lawsuit

The man, who is still waiting for his asylum residence permit, wanted to continue working beyond 24 weeks. His employer also wanted this. However, the

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Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen (UWV)
did not issue a new
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work permit (TWV)

The man was required by the UWV to wait 28 weeks for a new TWV in order to return to work. The man and his employer disagreed and went to court in Arnhem. They got help from the organisation

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Refugee Connect

The court allows anyone waiting for a residence permit to work without restriction

The court vindicated the man and his employer. According to the court, the UWV must issue a new TWV so the man can work. The man does not have to wait 28 weeks first.

The court says the 24-week requirement is not permitted under European law. The requirement makes it too difficult for people waiting for an asylum residence permit to work. The court also says working during the asylum procedure is good for integration in the Netherlands.

The UWV responded to the ruling

The court determines that you can work for more than 24 hours while waiting for your residence permit, but the UWV is appealing this decision. The UWV said this on 16 May 2023. This means that, according to the court, you can still work for more than 24 weeks, but the UWV disagrees and is going to try to change this again.

Ask your employer for help if you want to work more than 24 weeks

If you are waiting for your residence permit and want to work for more than 24 weeks a year, according to the courts and the organisation Refugee Connect, all people who do not yet have a residence permit are now allowed to work without restriction. However, the UWV may still tell your employer that this is not allowed. In that case, ask your employer to help you. This is because your employer must still have a permit (TWV) for you and apply for it for you. You can also ask your employer to contact Refugee Connect.

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