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A corridor in a temporary reception centre for people seeking asylum in the Netherlands.
Source: RefugeeHelp / Aline Bleeker

If you live in a temporary reception centre, state how you find it

Published at: 9/13/2023, 2:12 PM

Assessments have shown that many temporary reception centres do not comply with European rules. If you live in a temporary reception centre, you can share your experiences for further assessment by VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN).

Temporary reception centres do not meet conditions

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conducted assessments at 22 temporary reception centres and spoke with 92 residents. From those visits and conversations with the residents, it appears that the temporary reception centres often do not comply with
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European rules

These are the main conditions the reception centre does not meet

  • There is no medical or psychological care at most locations. There are also too few or no clean showers or toilets at many locations.

  • At about half of the locations visited, residents had no privacy or quiet sleeping areas.

  • At some locations, residents receive too little food or the quality of the food is not good.

  • There are often no activities at the temporary reception centres that residents can participate in. Such as language lessons or sports.

These poor conditions cause long-term stress, as indicated by the majority of residents. Security guards and location managers also treat residents poorly at times, said 35 percent of residents spoken to.

This is what VWN does with the information from the questionnaire

Completing the questionnaire allows VWN to further assess the temporary reception centres. This way VWN assesses which reception centres are complying with the conditions and which are not.

With the results, VWN wants to make sure, for example, that the people in charge of the reception centre are following the rules.

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