You need these documents for family reunification

Last updated: 3/15/2023, 8:44 AM

When applying for family reunification, you must send supporting documents to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). These are documents that prove the identity of your family member and the family relationship between you and your family member.

These are the documents you must submit:

  • A recent passport photo of your family member. If your family member does not have a passport photo, you can upload another clear photo of the face.

  • The front and back of your family memberundefineds proof of identity (preferably a passport). The proof of identity must be translated into Dutch if the information on it is not in English, French or German. You must include the Dutch translation. Upload the pages containing details about the identity and validity period of the identity document. Also upload the pages with travel stamps.

  • A fully completed undefinedHandtekening uploadundefined.

  • The fully completed and signed undefinedAntecedentenverklaringundefined. A background statement is a statement indicating your family member does not have a criminal history. A background statement is only required if your family member is 12 years of age or older.

All documents must be written in Dutch, English, German or French. If the documents are written in another language, a sworn translator must translate these documents. The translators you can choose from can be found in the undefinedregister of sworn interpreters and translatorsundefined(Rbtv).

You must also provide documents about your family relationship with your family members, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate or family record book. The application form for family reunification states exactly which documents you must submit. This application form is available on the IND website. Applications that cost money can be applied for via another IND form. Please note: the IND requires different documents for each country. It is important that you always respond in a timely manner to questions the IND asks you about your family reunification application.