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On this page you will find how to exchange money and open a bank account.

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Last updated: Thursday, July 28, 2022

Below you can find information on how to open a payment account. Are you a Ukrainian without a valid ID or are you not Ukrainian? Then see how to open a payment account in the Open a payment account with an alternate ID subcategory.

Payment accounts for refugees from Ukraine

Refugees from Ukraine can open a bank account by showing a Ukrainian biometric passport or identity card. With almost all banks you also need a citizen service number (BSN). Refugees also need a home address, telephone number and e-mail address. A checking account requires an IBAN, a debit card and the possibility to arrange (international) banking business through online banking. On the website of Betaalvereniging Nederland you can see which banks offer this for refugees from Ukraine and what the conditions are. These banks have temporarily relaxed the rules and guidelines for providing checking accounts to refugees from Ukraine. See for more information about opening a bank account:

Providers of payment accounts

The following banks offer payment accounts for refugees from Ukraine:

  • ABN Amro

  • Bitsafe: Only a Ukrainian ID/passport or a Ukrainian driver's license is required. You do not need a BSN.

  • Bunq: Your BSN only needs to be provided after opening the bank account. Bunq also has opportunities for Ukrainians to open a bank account with an alternate id.

  • ING

  • Rabobank: You can also open an account here with a valid or expired passport from another country along with a Ukrainian residence permit that was valid on February 24, 2022.

  • Regiobank

  • SNS Bank

  • Triodos Bank

A more detailed overview of all the different providers of payment accounts can be found on this website of the municipality of Amsterdam:

Payment account with an alternate ID

If you are a Ukrainian without a valid ID, or if you have a different nationality, there are some specific options for opening a payment account. See the page on how to open a payment account with an alternate ID.

Sending money abroad

There are several companies allowing the transfer of money abroad. Two large international players include Moneygramand Western Union. Moneygram currently offers free transfers to Ukraine.

Currency exchange

As of the 15th of june it is possible to exchange Ukrainian hryvnia in the Netherlands. You can find more information about this in the subcategory currency exchange.

Safe banking

Electronic banking involves risks. On this website you will find tips on how to bank safely online.