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Governmental and private housing initiatives, for refugees

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Last updated: Wednesday, August 3, 2022

You can also stay with private individuals, for example people who make part of their home available. VluchtelingenWerk (VWN) (Dutch Refugee Council), Rode Kruis (the Red Cross), Leger des Heils (the Salvation Army) and Takecarebnb screen all host families that apply. This way you are more assured of a good and safe place.


RefugeeHomeNL is a Dutch government initiative to provide safe homes for refugees from Ukraine via host families. Leading NGO partners (the Netherlands Red Cross, the Dutch Council for Refugees, the Salvation Army and Takecarebnb) are working together to provide safe shelter in the Netherlands. Through RefugeeHomeNL you can stay in a homely environment in a Dutch household for three months. If you and your host would like to continue, you can prolong your stay at the same household, or at another. RefugeeHomeNL screens all participating hosts. In addition to an assessment interview, all hosts must provide an official Certificate of Good Conduct. Only those who offer refugees a private space, such as their own room, are eligible for RefugeeHomeNL.


Takecarebnb matches refugees with (screened) available host families. After registration, Takecarebnb will contact you for a screening by phone.

Registering without a residential address

If you do not have a residential address, it is possible to have the municipality register you at a postal address. This is an address where the government can reach someone without a residential address. Since 1 January 2022, the municipality is obligated to register you at a postal address if you yourself do not have such an address. This can be the address of the town hall, for example. Contact your municipality to find out what the possibilities are.