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Do you have questions about work and income in the Netherlands? These resources will help you on your way.

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Last updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Several initiatives are available for refugees focussing on work and internships. Please note: in many cases, employers ask that you are able to speak some Dutch or English.


Are you looking for a job? RefugeeWork helps you with that. RefugeeWork arranges the first contact with your potential employer. RefugeeWork looks for a match between you and the job that suits you. It also provides information on regulations, subsidy possibilities and other practical matters that are important to you as an employee.

The website of RefugeeWork is available in eleven languages, including Ukrainian, Russian and English. RefugeeWork Netherlands and Start Foundation have jointly created this platform to bring refugees and employers together.

SER Werkwijzer

The SER (Social and Economic Council) advises the Dutch Government and Parliament on social and economic policy. The SER has a special website with information on (volunteering) work, training, and language. You will also find information on regulations regarding work for refugees.

Refugee Start Force

Refugee Start Force is a community and recruitment network that helps job seeking refugees to get in touch with employers.

Refugee Talent Hub

The Refugee Talent Hub brings together employers and job seekers with a refugee background. Together with employers, they organize activities that increase your chances on the labour market. (Internship Market) shows which companies in the area have room for an intern or apprentice. Website is only available in Dutch.

New Bees

NewBees guides newcomers (refugees) to find their place in the Netherlands. They do this by offering e.g., traineeships and workshops.


Duizend1 is an employment agency for refugees.

UA talents

UA talents matches refugees who are looking for a job with employers.

Voluntary work by refugees from Ukraine

Everyone, except undocumented migrants, is free to provide services on a voluntary basis. Refugees from Ukraine have a special residence status and are therefore allowed to volunteer.

Employment agency for refugees

Heroyam is an employment agency that aims to help refugees from Ukraine find their place in society by offering them employment.

Jobs for scientists

Many universities and academic institutions are doing their best to create jobs for refugees from Ukraine. Here are a few websites where you can find an overview of the options:

  • Factcards lists a number of options for jobs, including local initiatives.

  • At Euraxess you will find many options, from teaching to researching.

  • On Scienceforukraine you can select the Netherlands and find vacancies.

Jobs for teachers

On the website Meesterbaan you can find all vacancies in education for refugees from Ukraine. You can sort by function and location among other things. Keep in mind that some vacancies ask for a teaching qualification and knowledge of the Dutch language.