The extended asylum procedure

Last updated: 3/15/2023, 3:08 PM

If the IND needs more time to process your asylum application, you will switch to the Extended Asylum Procedure (VA). The IND decides after the 2nd interview whether you will switch to the VA. The VA can take a few months or longer.

  • the IND needs more time to decide on your asylum application. For example, the

    might have to do more research.

  • there is temporarily no interpreter available who speaks your language.

  • you have family members who are also in the VA.

  • there is temporarily no IND employee available with enough experience to handle your application.

  • You are sick and need to get better first.

You do not have to come to the IND office during the VA if the IND has no further questions for you. The IND will contact you if they want to ask more questions. During the VA, you will receive free help from a lawyer.

The IND must decide within 21 months after you file the asylum application. This is called the INDundefineds undefinedbeslistermijnundefined.

The 1st decision of the IND

The IND will make a 1st decision about your asylum application based on the interviews, your documents and other evidence. This is called a undefinedvoorgenomen beslissingundefined. There are two possibilities:

  1. The IND approves your asylum application: You will receive a letter stating that your asylum application has been approved. You can then apply for a permanent residence permit. Your residence permit can be revoked within 5 years. For example, if your country of origin is safe again. Your residence permit can also be revoked if you did not tell the truth.

  2. The IND intends to reject your asylum application: You receive a letter from the IND stating that the IND intends to reject your application for asylum. This letter is called a undefinedvoornomen tot afwijzingundefined. The letter contains the reasons for rejection and the consequences for you.

The consequences if the IND rejects your asylum application

You are no longer allowed to stay in the Netherlands and must return to your country of origin. The

Repatriation & Departure Service (DT&V)
will talk to you about your return.