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There are plenty of opportunities for social contacts! These initiatives include sports, activities for children and adults, social networks for newcomers and websites that match 'buddies' with refugees from Ukraine.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 17, 2022

Are you looking for an activity or something to do? There are multiple initiatives in the Netherlands that arrange activities for refugees.


TeamUp is a joint program of Save the Children, UNICEF Netherlands, and War Child for refugee children. The TeamUp project offers games & activities for children in reception centers and schools. This way, we help children deal with emotions, build their self confidence, and develop a hopeful future - in a playful way.


Welcome App connects newcomers, locals, and organizations with each other. In the free app, you can find local activities, chat with neighbors and find your way to an education or job . There is also a 24/7 hotline for questions and access to a translator who can help with language & cultural barriers.

The Youth Fund Sport & Culture

The Youth Fund Sport & Culture pays the contribution of the sports club, swimming lessons or the tuition fees for e.g., dance, music or theater lessons if there is not enough money at home. Also for children and young people from refugee backgrounds. The application is made through an intermediary, for example someone who works as a teacher, works at a GGD, a COA or Refugee Work.

Check the website for more information.

Bicycles & Lessons

Multiple local initiatives organise bike lessons for newcomers. Please ask at your municipality or at the Dutch Council for Refugees where these lessons are given.

Learn Dutch

Looking for a language buddy? On this website you will find a selection of volunteers who are willing to help with reading and speaking the Dutch language. By using filters you can easily find someone in your neighbourhood!

Sport Utrecht

In Utrecht, more and more sports clubs open their doors for refugees. Sport Utrecht organises, often for free, sport events together with sports clubs in Utrecht. Do you love sports and live in or around Utrecht? Then sign up at Sport Utrecht. You can register via this application form. In the registration form, you can indicate which sport you like. After the form is submitted, a check will be made to see if there is a sports activity nearby that matches your preferences.

BOOST Amsterdam

At BOOST Amsterdam, various activities such as language classes, playing sports, sewing and eating lunch are organized. You can drop by whenever you want so they can tell you more about their program. BOOST is opened from Monday until Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Local initiatives

On the website of VluchtelingenWerk you can find an overview of various regional activities and initiatives for refugees per province. This information is only available in Dutch.

Ukrainians for Dinner

Ukranians for Dinner offers you the opportunity to visit Dutch people at home, cook together, chat together and eat together with them. This way, you can experience some warmth in a domestic environment.

Connect Ukraine

Are you looking for fun activities in different areas of the Netherlands? On Connect Ukraine you can register for (often) free activities, like music lessons or sports.