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Man wacht voor de gate op een vliegveld

If you do not have Ukrainian citizenship, DT&V offers financial contribution for return

If you have fled Ukraine, but do not have Ukrainian citizenship, you can make use of the remigration support of the Repatriation & Departure Service (DT&V) between June and August 2023. This financial support allows you to return to your country of origin.

Man viert zijn goal tijdens de selectiedag op de KNVB Campus

"It is a dream to play football in Orange"

During the EURO UNITY Cup, the Netherlands will be represented by 8 football players who came to the Netherlands as refugees. The selection day for the Dutch team took place last Friday in Zeist. "I came here from the AZC Haarlem to play football.

Twee mensen hebben een gesprek

Empatia provides mental support in your own language

If you have fled Ukraine and are in need of psychological help, or if you have fled from Ukraine and are trained in mental healthcare, Empatia is here to help you from now on.

Celebrating national Christian holidays in the spring

Most of the Dutch celebrate a number of Christian national public holidays in the spring. This is because of the Christian history of the Netherlands. Read more about what people celebrate and how it works here.

Een groep studenten loopt naar het universiteitsgebouw

Tuition 2023-2024 possibly higher than last year

As a Ukrainian student in the Netherlands, you will probably pay more tuition fees starting in September. This academic year, colleges and universities charged a lower fee for refugees from Ukraine. For next academic year, schools will not do this as standard.

Mensen op een festival in Haarlem voor bevrijdingsdag.

Celebrating freedom on Liberation Day

5 May is Liberation Day. On this day, the Netherlands celebrates the end of World War II in the Netherlands, and people remember that freedom cannot be taken for granted. In this article you can read how Liberation Day is celebrated.

De Nederlandse koning en koningin leggen een krans op de Dam in Amsterdam.

Remembrance of the Dead: commemorating war victims on 4 May

Every year on 4 May, the Netherlands commemorates the victims of wars, including World War II. This is called National Remembrance of the Dead. In this article you will read what Remembrance of the Dead means and what you notice about it.

Ingang van het Paleis van Justitie in Arnhem

With a W-document for 1 year you can now work unlimited hours according to the court

The court has decided that from now on you are allowed to work more while waiting for an asylum residence permit. Previously, you were only allowed to work 24 weeks a year after 6 months in the Netherlands. This is called the 24-week requirement. The court has now abolished this requirement.

Nederlands varen in oranje kleding door de Nederlandse grachten.

King's Day: party in orange

The Netherlands celebrates King Willem-Alexander's birthday every year on 27 April. This national holiday is called Koningsdag (King's Day). Most people are off work then. You can read below how King's Day is celebrated.

Twee voetballers strijden om de voetbal

Football for the Netherlands during international championship

The Dutch football team is looking for you! In June, the Netherlands will participate in the EURO UNITY Cup in Frankfurt. You can become a player for the Dutch football team. Read here what you have to do.

Drie mannen zitten rondom een tafel. Ze praten met elkaar.

What you need to know when the IND starts your asylum application

If you do not have Ukrainian citizenship and your stay has been extended until 4 September 2023, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will send a letter telling you whether you want to start your asylum application. Read more about this process and what to expect here.

Mensen vergaderen aan een tafel en werken op hun tablet

Working under the Temporary Protection Directive

Anyone covered by the Temporary Protection Directive may work in the Netherlands. Your employer does not have to apply for a work permit for you. Even if you fall under the Temporary Protection Directive until 4 September 2023, you can continue to work in the Netherlands.